Quartz Quality: History of the Miyota Movement

EVN Watches Legend Limited Edition


Established as a movement factory for Citizen Watch Co. in 1959 in Miyota, Nagano Prefecture, Japan in 1959, the Miyota company has offered watch movements for sale to other watchmakers since 1980.  

Precision quartz movement was perfected for wristwatches by another Japanese company, Seiko, in 1969. The advantages of quartz were numerous but mainly came down to two major factors: quartz allowed wristwatches to be precise and self-winding.

As you might imagine, the convenience of no longer needing to wind a wristwatch revolutionized the industry. When Seiko threatened the then-dominant Swiss watch industry, ETA was founded and that company in turn founded the Citizen-owned Miyota to develop quartz movements for their products. 

In the modern era, Miyota boasts a fully-automated production line - requiring no human touch - that can complete assembly of one movement per second.

The precision movement offerings of Miyota have expanded since the 1980s, growing to include a variety of chronographic complications - like those at the heart of EVN's first release: the Legend Chronograph

With a durable and dependable Miyota quartz movement at its core, the Legend chronograph has Day, Date, 24-hour, and Dual Time complications and is water-resistant to 5 ATM. 

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Photo Caption: The Miyota GL 20 Quartz Movement is also at the heart of the Manhattan collection.

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