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Our philosophy is Time in Harmony: Where Every Moment Finds Its Perfect Balance

Born from the bond of lifelong friends, EVN (pronounced ee·vn) was built on the philosophy that your attire should resonate with both your heart and soul. Hailing from Los Angeles, every EVN watch is a testament to the city's pulsating blend of fashion, entertainment, music, and automotive artistry. We craft timepieces that not only reflect the LA spirit but also ensure you wear a piece of it, feeling its vibe with every tick.

At EVN, we're dedicated to bringing you premium quality without the premium price tag. Our commitment is to deliver exceptional watches that are both stylish and accessible. We take pride in every piece we create, ensuring you adorn only the best, without stretching your wallet.

The Legend

Legendary Design

EVN's signature watch collection offers unparalleled design, ensuring you don't just wear a timepiece—you make a statement.

Legend Watch Series